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PingARing features

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    Route setting that's easy and adaptive

    Whether your drivers are tracing the same route daily or making service calls on a different slate of customers every time they get behind the wheel, you’ll be able to create a route in PingARing that serves the needs of the employee, company and customer.

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    Show customers where “their” vehicle is in real time

    With PingARing, your staff can check on the status and location of any vehicle, but better yet, you’ll be able to easily that information with your customers. Simple use of an app on their device will allow them to see the location of the bus or service vehicle that is serving them that day.

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    Keep contact with customers

    Instead of fielding customer phone calls, you can use PingARing to keep them in the loop. Set up automatically-generated text messages or emails to advise customers when a driver is approaching their location or running late. Or broadcast a message to riders if there will be a cancellation or delay. Paid plans include a customer app that allows them to send information to you as well.

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    Get all the information that will help you help people

    With PingARing, you’ll know more about what’s being done, how and for who. With detailed reporting and automated processes, you’ll be equipped to create a better customer experience.

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distraction free customer communication

  • No need for a driver to call or interact with a device
  • Customers can see a vehicle location or ETA
  • Generate alerts automatically according to route rules you set

What if communicating with a customer from the road only takes a second? That’s a second you really can’t afford, because at just 30mph, your vehicle will travel 44 feet. Whether your driver is looking away at a screen or distracted by an incoming call, that’s a recipe for disaster. And if you can’t afford one second, can you afford five? Ten?

The good news? PingARing eliminates unexpected distractions. No customer communication requires the driver to pay attention to a device while in motion. Customers are either querying PingARing from their end without the driver being involved or are receiving automated alerts triggered by geofences and other route features. The driver will only interact with the device while the vehicle is in park, such as when counting passengers on and off.

At no point will your driver have to dial a number or tap a tablet and your customer will have all the information they need, right when they need it.

Ready to improve customer service while improving safety? Start for free or check out our more advanced plans and find the features that are best for your fleet and those who depend on it.

Seth Winnerman is a satisfied client who used  PingARing  to save time and achieve better customer communication.

-Seth Winnerman,
ISD Transport Manager

PingARing has immensely improved ISD’s efficiency in bus service, from reliability to billing. The developers of the service are forward thinking and continually integrate new efficiencies into the service, taking many needed person hours away from bus service to focus on other aspects of the school. View the International School of Denver case study.

industries perfect for PingARing

shuttle buses

Use PingARing’s messaging functions to keep riders at each stop up to date.


Let customers know automatically when their package is close or if it’s delayed, making life easier for them and you.


Set custom routes with ease, or repeat them daily. Show riders where the vehicle is, and send them a message if it will be early, late or if any other condition changes.


Carrying precious cargo? PingARing lets you give them—and their parents—the best possible service. Parents can check on arrival times and check in with you if they know their child won’t need to be picked up.

home services

No more wondering and waiting customers! Use PingARing to keep them advised and improve their experience.

shuttle buses

Nothing’s more frustrating for a rider depending on a shuttle bus than experiencing a delay—unless it’s experiencing a delay and not knowing why. With PingARing, giving riders access to a simple code will let them know where their bus is and get an ETA. Plus, you’ll be able to push information to them via the app, text or email to let them know about cancellations, delays or even information about the facility the bus serves. And you’ll have a handle on the status of your vehicles as well with the ability to count riders on and off and see detailed activity reports.

Does keeping your riders in the loop sound like a great idea? You can get started for free or take a look at our pricing plans to get more advanced features.


We all know the feeling of anticipation when we’ve ordered something important, and the rush of questions that comes with it. When exactly will it get here? Can I work my schedule so I can be there to receive it, or do I have to leave it sitting? And what about businesses? The timing of a delivery can change the whole shape of a work day.

With PingARing, you can improve your delivery clients’ experience by keeping them informed. You’ll be able to advise them of an approximate delivery time, but better yet, you be able to let them know automatically when their package is close or if it’s delayed.

Ready to deliver a better customer experience? You can get started for free or take a look at our pricing plans to get more advanced features.


No matter what type of transportation enterprise you run, it’s all about the passengers. And since they’re depending on you to get where they’re going, their peace of mind depends on getting the right information. With PingARing, you can deliver that to them, right on their phone. Riders will be able to see where the vehicle serving them is. You’ll also be able to post route messages, advising riders of cancellations, delays, early departures or anything else they need to know. With a paid plan, you’ll even be able to give them estimated arrival times based on real-time traffic conditions, and use data collection features to help make decisions that improve your bottom line.

Ready to make things better for your riders? You can get started for free or take a look at our pricing plans to get more advanced features.


Carrying precious cargo? PingARing lets you give them—and their parents—the best possible service. Keep them in the loop when it comes to arrival times, delays and other information they need in order to have peace of mind. Our free plan has robust features that make life easier for any parent and school district, such as the ability to send notifications when a bus is close to home and to broadcast route messages to advise of delays or cancellations. With a paid plan, you can generate automatic ETA’s based on real traffic information and let parents opt their child in or out of a route.

Ready to offer parents some additional peace of mind? You can get started for free or take a look at our pricing plans to get more advanced features.

home services

We’ve all experienced having our day go out the window. That is, the window where we’re waiting for a cable or internet installer to arrive between 8am and 5pm. Or wondering if we have a big enough window to run an important errand before the plumber arrives.

With PingARing, you can shrink the window and make your customers’ satisfaction grow. They’ll be able to see the location of the vehicle servicing them, and receive a notification on their phone when it’s close by. With a paid plan, your customer service will improve even more. The system will generate ETA’s automatically based on real time traffic conditions and you can push messages to the customer or set them as automatic alerts based on rules you’ve set for the route. And all this can happen without your employee having to take time out to call from the road.

Ready to end the era of wondering and waiting customers? You can get started for free or take a look at our pricing plans to get more advanced features.

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  • Send notifications to customers when you’re close by
  • Let customers see the location of the vehicle serving them
  • Reach out to customers in the event of a cancellation, delay or other change by posting custom route messages
  • Create and manage your own routes
  • Schedule routes for the same time every day, or change details of each route individually
  • Set how your drivers interact with PingARing: Allow them to mark routes complete, or log the arrivals with geofences for hands-free operation
  • Count passengers on and off, keeping a tally of those boarding and disembarking at each stop
  • Get trip reports detailing actual arrival and departure times
  • Send non-recurring trip notifications
looking for more? check out our paid plans.